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Chewing Carpet

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I have a 8 month old puppy who won't stop chewing up the carpet. I live in an apartment and it's really becoming a problem. He is leaving huge holes in the carpet and I don't know how to stop him. I have tried scolding him, using a kennel, and using bitter apple spray. He has tons of toys that he could chew on and I need to know how to stop it!!! Help?!!!
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How long have you had this puppy? I guess what I really mean is how long has the carpet chewing been going on?

In my opinion, the best way to stop this is to PREVENT him from getting to the areas he's chewing on. The problem is, he seems to be leaving holes all over.

Scolding only shows that you are upset. It doesn't work unless you catch him in the act, and it doesn't teach what you want him to do instead of chewing the carpet.
Bitter apple spray has to be re-applied quite often, otherwise it wears off, and if he chews the carpet when it doesn't taste bad (worn off) then he is getting a mixed message.

Here's what I would do: EVERY (and I mean EVERY) time he even goes near the carpet with the intent to chew, distract/interrupt/redirect him, BEFORE his teeth make contact with the carpet. In other words, stop him before he even starts. Then, get him going on something else, and PRAISE him for doing the "something else".

That means you have to dedicate a large chunk of time to watching him like a hawk, because if you take your eyes off him, and he gets to the carpet, he's getting another mixed message: sometimes he gets away with it and sometimes he doesn't.

Puppies rarely play with toys for very long by themselves, it's not a lot of fun. (unless it's a food dispensing toy) So, the "something else" that you want to get him going on may be a game with you, tug, or fetch, or maybe some cuddles. That way, he's getting something positive when he doesn't chew the carpet.
And, by the way, a food dispensing toy may keep him from the carpet for longer chunks of time, so you could try this when you can't keep your eyes on him 100%. Try a frozen, stuffed kong. We stuff them with peanut butter, and freeze them overnight; it makes it harder to get the peanut butter out.

The other thing is, sometimes you can get large, room size throw rugs that you could put on top of your carpet. They are not as easy to chew (if you get a non shag type of rug). If you keep your eye out, you can find them at discount stores like Ross, and TJ Maxx, or even Walmart. You could get a large one for your entire room, or a few smaller ones that cover the worst holes.
That way, he's not allowed to continue on spots he's already "working on".
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