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Wondering how this supports or relates to advocacy for raw/natural food for dogs... Will sperm improve in current generation when fed raw/natural, even though ancestors had reduced sperm quality?


A few observations that caught my attention...

1) Interesting how, as dogs go, so do we...

Sperm quality in dogs has fallen rapidly over the past three decades, a trend which could help explain the purported decline in human fertility.

The finding has highlighted a potential link between environmental contaminants and fertility – after scientists discovered chemicals which had a detrimental effect on sperm function in some commercially available pet foods.
2) This isn't affecting just the "general population," but breeders also (those offering & using stud services). On the flip side, collecting samples from just one center may not necessarily provide a representative, general result. For instance, an anomalous condition at the center, other than food (e.g., chemicals in the local tap water) may explain the issue.

Lea and his team collected semen from between 42 and 97 stud dogs every year over 26 years at an assistance dogs breeding centre.
3) Yes, fertility of subsequent generations is affected, even if in a drastic (not just sperm quality) sense.

The researchers also found that male pups fathered by the stud dogs with declining semen quality were more prone to cryptorchidism – a condition in which the testes fail to correctly descend into the scrotum.
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