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Changed food and butt fur has darkened

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So after Chewy stopped selling Fromm I had to change foods and initially tried Earthborn Holistic but the poops were very soft so changed over a 2 week period to Victor. During the transition the fur on his butt darkened quite significantly (he's blond and the fur turned dark brown) and I thought it was because of the transition, however it's now been 6 weeks and the fur is still brown.
He's fine, the poops are fine, he's not scooting, itching, licking, etc.
I'm thinking I should change his food but just wondered if anyone else had had a similar experience?
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Well my rescued dogs' coats improved with a richer color and improved feel but nothing like what you are describing. You are going from good food to good food, my dogs went from a bad diet to a good one. What kind of dog? I know a stripped terrier retains more color than a clipped coat because undercoat is pale compared to the guard hairs. Puppy coat is often much paler than adult coat.
He's a 4 year old blond terrier who was last at the groomers about a month before we changed the food. At first I thought it was because of the loose poops from the Earthborn and assumed it would grow out after the transition but it's got worse - darker and spreading slightly, and I can see it's at the very root of the fur. I've wiped with a clean cloth repeatedly but it doesn't make any difference. Nothing else has changed and the rest of his fur is fine so I think I'll have to try another food or go back to the Fromm.
Is the hair much coarser than the old hair? Are they guard hairs or undercoat? I have no clue why but every once in a while my black spaniel mix's rear end feathers would go extremely coarse, like horsehair. Still black though.
No it's actually quite soft, same as the fur around it. Texture seems to be unchanged. It's just the color change, and I know terriers can change color but it seems an odd area for it to happen.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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