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This queery may be a little off the wall ... but it was something that I was thinking about yesterday when I was constantly taking Leeo outside first to potty ....

When I take my dogs outside ... they line up in front of the door 1,2,3. I call them out by name ... but not always in the same order ... depending on individual needs ( diarrhea, constipation, water consumption, medications, etc ...) I do not always call them out in the same order.

Do you think they realize this and even though they do not think like a human ... does it change their view on " Order " as far as who is first dog in the chain of canine command? I just always get the strangest looks and whining from them. I have also noticed a change in behavior as Blu Boy is trying to be pushy with being in my room when he never sleeps there? :/

Just curious......
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