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I took my dog for his CGC test. We did not train for this before hand. I will start by saying we passed with flying colors. I wanted this title on his record simply because of the other training I do. I wanted to see what happened if I brought him in "cold."

So, not only did we not train specifically for the test, we went to a place that is HUGE and where an all-breed dog show was going on at the same time. The entire environment was very different and like nothing my dog had seen before. Ever.

I was wondering would he simply be over loaded with all this new stuff bombarding his doggy brain (he is young.. and young in the head)? I went in and signed up, then I brought him in about 5-10 minutes before it was our turn. I had his ball; I had some food (outside the test area).

At first he was looking around a LOT. "Weird" looking dogs of all sizes (in his mind "not German Shepherds or Malinois"). Loud speakers. Crowded areas. Noise and bustle. Grooming tables. Clippers. Blow dryers. So I walked him in and then stood there with him next to me and let him look. When he was "done" he looked up at me and out came the ball and we played tug and then I asked for some very simple obedience.

What was interesting is he found Obedience work and the partnership/relationship we have forged as a default that comfortably took him AWAY from the stress of that environment. His demeanor was he was relieved to do the work.. it unloaded any stress he might have had about this very new experience. He knew I "had his back" and it was all good, so we went to work doing all the exercises and passed.

He is a dog that has been trained on both a pinch and an e collar but here we were on a flat buckle collar and flat leather leash. He was fine and walked loose leash through all this sights and sounds and numerous other dogs.

We did the test and the only thing he did "wrong" was to pop his butt up when "petted by a friendly stranger." I told him to sit and he sat right down.

So there we are. My IGP (formerly called Schutzhund) dog showed his balanced confident nature and his good training. He now has his CGC.
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