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CET Dental Chews - Ok to swallow?

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I'm still having a devil of a time brushing my girl's teeth (and I'm starting to get jealous of her three-headed toothbrush...), so I got a bag of CET Dental chews while I work on my technique. Imagine my surprise when, after chewing it down a while, she swallowed the remaining bit (maybe 1/3 the original size).

Is this safe? What, exactly, are the chews made of - is it digestible? I'm already tempted to take it away when it gets small for fear of choking, but I also want her to get the full benefit of chewing on it.

Last, she also spends a lot of time licking the chew before gnawing at it. Is the cleaning enzyme throughout, or just on the surface? I'm pretty sure she's not getting the full benefit if she's licking the active ingredients off before chewing on it.
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I use the CET dog chews here too.. They are enzyme through and through. I soaked mine in a bowl of water for an hour when i first bought them to see how soft they can get and within that time frame they became like slime. I do take them away when i feel uneasy about the last bit though.
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