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Certifect Warning

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I wanted to warn people about a product that can harm or even become fatal to your beloved pets. No one should have to go through this.We moved into a new home in Arizona June 1st this year. Our 3 dogs were at my parent's house until we were ready to bring them to the new house. The day we moved in we noticed a severe tick problem in the back yard and IMMEDIATELY started treatment. We moved the dogs in and things were fine. They were mostly inside dogs until the rain started. They would get muddy and we would have to keep them out until the yard dried so that we could wash them without having to do it every time they went out. The rain brought weeds which would bring more ticks. We would then pull the weeds, treat the yard and wash the dogs with some really good flea and tick shampoo from Pet Smart. It got to the point where we could no longer control it and we could no longer just pull all of the ticks off because they were numerous. We kept pulling them though and washing them and got our landlord involved. He immediately sent out an exterminator and they told us to get all 3 dogs dipped the day before. We went to the local animal hospital but they said they did not want to dip them instead, wanted us to use the Certifect. I told them I was comfortable with the dipping because it is what I was familiar with and what the exterminator wanted. They talked me into using the topical treatment saying that in about 3 hours the ticks would be falling off dead. We treated our dogs that same afternoon. We woke up the next morning to find our oldest dog, Killer, who is a Terrier, laying in the middle of the yard breathing rapidly, unable to stand, no eye response, sticky saliva and white gums. We took him inside to start work on him as we were on the phone with the animal hospital when he died in the bath tub. That evening, we notice that our youngest dog, Whitefeather, who was a terrier Pomeranian, was very lethargic and unable to maintain balance. We took him inside and scrubbed him down, shaved him in order to get every single tick off and hopefully save him. The next morning, he was in the same condition Killer was in only this time he was freezing and his breathing was extremely slow. We rushed him to the animal hospital and they told us that we would have to do a transfusion, which would cost around $900 up front and probably wouldn't even work or we could put him down. Because we did not have the $900 and they informed us that it would not help and he was in pain, we went ahead and put him to sleep. When we arrived home, our last dog, named Devil Dog, who was a Pit Lab mix was in the exact same condition as Killer and having seizures. We rushed him to the hospital and unfortunately was told the same thing as we were told about Whitefeather. In 2 days we lost all 3 of our dogs, who we loved so much. They were all fine before the Certifect. No sickness. This stuff needs to be pulled from shelves. I have read MANY reviews on this and most are the same issues. Share your experience with us so that we can try and keep this from happening to other families with much loved furry family members. Email us at [email protected].
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