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Our Maltese suffers from idiopathic epilepsy. Her seizures are pretty mild compared to some dogs. Between 2 and 5 min episodes. She has had this for years and we tried to avoid using Phenobarbital as she also has a liver shunt. From what I gather Phenobarbital would affect her liver and other organs. Her seizures has progressively got closer and when they were 5 days apart we tried Pexion as it does not have the negative effects of Phenobarbital. On the normal dose her seizures went out to about 7 days apart and our Vet said this was unacceptable so put her on the ma dosage. This moved her seizures out to about 9 days apart. The positive effect was her appetite improved and she had a lot more energy. Again the Vet said this was not good enough and wants us to try Phenobarbital. His logic is she will have a short lifespan if we dont treat her and the negative effects of Phenobarbital will also reduce her lifespan, but she will have a better life without the seizures(But there are dogs where medication does not work for seizures)

My question is has anyone heard of negative effects of CBD oil. My wife has seen someone blame CBD oil for the death of her dog who also had seizures. Any advice on alternatives to Phenobarbital would be welcome.

Thanks from deepest darkest Africa.
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Hi All

Thanks for the input. From what I had read up, it would have to be CBD oil with no THC[/U]. Problem here is regulatory bodies are so lax, we just had 180 humans die from Listerosis due to the non checking of food production facilities, so I would worry about the quality of CBD oil made locally. Would probably be best to import from USA or Europe.

My Vet thinks with Phenobarbital she will have about 4 years and without he cant say, but he says the seizures will get worse and closer to one another. As we are not at home during the day, she could even now have more seizures than we are aware of.

I think the best is to try the Phenobarbital and if the seizures are once in 3 months like the Vet thinks, then she is better off. If she gets another 4 years of good life, then she would at least have got to 9. If the Phenobarbital either does not work at all or the attacks are still very close like say once a month, then even if CBD is not proven, we need to take a chance on it.

So if anyone has seen a reputable site selling CBD oil, let me know.

Thanks again for the input.
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Hi Shell

Had a look at CBDistillery and their product looks good. Will have to check with Customs and as they do not see outside the USA, may have to get it via the UK where I have family.

Will post about it if we get to that stage. Hope the Phenobarbital works.

Also have questions about our two boys and marking. What forum is a good one to post questions about this?

Thanks for the help

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