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Our cav is about 9 months old...intact, and I'm having some trouble keeping him clean. His fur is not super long yet, but he does have substantial feathering on ears, legs, chest and tail. We are super active and do off leash walks most days. The trails where we walk have burrs, which are constantly getting stuck in his fur...he also ends up pretty dirty after most walks. Our other big issue is that he pees on himself pretty much every day :rolleyes: when he goes pee on walks he lifts his leg nice and high and there's not much of an issue. But, every time he goes pee in the yard, he gets it all over his front legs and belly feathers. He almost hunches his back and basically squirts himself right in the chest/legs. It's ridiculous and smelly. I even had a groomer trim the belly feathering up a bit, but he still manages to get himself.

He's just the best little dog in every way and I'm totally willing to groom him often (I do already comb him every day), and I actually enjoy doing it, but I don't want to dry out or ruin his coat. I have already noticed that he's become less silky and shiny lately, and I'm wondering if its because he's getting baths too often? He could also be shedding out his puppy coat...I'm not sure. I use Espana Silk shampoo and conditioner on him, and dry him with my hair dryer on low. Maybe I should try letting him air dry? I have also considered ordering "the stuff" for dogs (a silicone leave-in spray) because I've heard it can help repel dirt, urine and burrs, or at least make it easier to take them out.

This is my first long haired dog, and there's quite a learning curve! The groomer said not to bathe him more than once a month...but he would be a stinky, pee-caked matted mess if I waited that long! Our other two do all the same things as Finn, and don't get half as dirty or smelly!

-How often is too often for bathing?
-Is there a better shampoo/conditioner I should use to keep his fur hydrated?
-Any tips to prevent peeing on himself?
-Best way to prevent or remove burrs?
-Anyone used "The Stuff"?

Here's the smelly beast! :love:




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Trim the belly hair short.

Watch him closely when in the yard, do not be afraid to interrupt his squirt.

I have a similar problem with my mini-schnauzer of watering his front legs. I don't know if he is generous in length with a short wheel base or just sloppy.

When he is particularly accurate watering is front legs I will place him in a bath to rinse his legs with just plain water, no soap. Then follow with a complete brush and comb of the entire dog.

Try just a plain water rinse with a thorough comb out when dry.

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Hello! I have a 4 year old Cav and they just love to have fun and get dirty. Brushing every day will help and especially when you get home from walks. It’s ok to scissor trim but don’t use clippers. That’s what will ruin the coat. My favorite shampoos are Buddy Wash Original and BioGroom Protein and Lanolin. Every two weeks is fine with gentle shampoo.
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