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Cavachon and Teddy Bear lover

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Hello, everyone! We have an 8 year old Cavachon and a 5 year old Yorkie-Shichon mix. Both males and best friends, lol. Looking forward to the info and advice re: Cavachon care.
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These were taken a couple of years ago, but they still look exactly the same. Paddington is in the upper size for a Cavachon at 35lbs. Taz weighs around 18lbs. They both need to lose a few pounds. Paddington is also longer and taller than most Cavachons, we tease that he has abnormal DNA. When we got him, the profile was 10-18lbs, and the breeder assured me his parents (mother a Bichon and father a Cavalier) were both <18lbs. I purchased from his original family that decided a puppy was more work than they were prepared for. They and the breeder were in another state, and when I contacted the breeder, she was perturbed they had not returned him to her as her purchase contract stated. I knew he was going to be larger than expected - I got him at around 12 weeks and he already weighed 11lbs. But we love all of our pets like we do our boys who were already out of the house and on their own. To me, Paddington looks like a blond Bichon (except for his size, lol)


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Who and what breed of dog is on your icon?
He's adorable. I like all of the little mixed breed dogs. I'm really interested in a Havenese-Bichon mix (Havachon) but the ones I've seen online are much more expensive than I'm willing to pay. I find it amusing that several years ago the mixed breeds were considered "mutts" lol.
Any Bichon and Bichon mixes are so cute and have great personalitys
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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