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Like any dog, they will do well with positive, reward-based training. If you want a free resource, then Kikopup on YouTube is a good option. Dog Training by Kikopup For a paid resource, the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy is fantastic. Fenzi Dog Sports Academy - Home While the next six-week-long session doesn't start until June 1st, there are several good classes in the self study section, including Puppy Genius, which introduces basic training and dealing with "stuff" in general. Fenzi Dog Sports Academy - FE115: Baby Genius

Regarding the potty training, baby puppies need to go out frequently. Take him out after he wakes up, after he eats, after he's been playing a while. after he's taken a long slurp of water, any time he looks like he's thinking about pottying (sniffing, circling, etc.), and every twenty minutes just because. When you are out, make sure he's actually empty. Some puppies need to pee two or three times to completely empty their bladder.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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