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cat poop problems

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So I have a cat and a dog. But not until recently did I notice my dogs breathe was starting to stink. Like really bad. So i started carefully watching what she was doing ands then I noticed it. She was going in the cats litter box and eating her poop that hadnt been discarded yet. It grosssed me out to no end. I tried moving the liter box didnt help. I tried making sure i got the poop scooped as soon as my cat would poop. But sometimes she would go in the middle of the night yet again causing another problem. I tried putting up a barrier it just got knocked down. Im kind of running out of options. I tried training her to not eat it but hasnt been sticking. Shell stop doing it for like a week then go right back to eating the poop. I tried looking up why she does it and appaerntly its because of the scent of the cats food my dog likes it or something. So i tried changing the cat food, didnt work. In fact got worse. If anyone has any solutions please help. I dont want her to get sick from eating poop.
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I don't think eating cat poop has anything to do with what you're feeding your cat. Some dogs just are poop eaters, and the only way to stop it is to make it inaccessible. That means putting the cat box somewhere the cat can get to it and the dog can't - covered cat box (if the cat will use it), box high where cat can jump up to it and dog can't reach it, box in room with door opening fixed so narrow cat can slip through but dog can't (works if dog is considerably larger than the cat), box in room with barrier across it the door (needless to say a sturdy barrier the dog can't knock down) so the cat can slip under but dog can't (ditto, dog size), etc. If it's only happening at night when you're asleep, you can crate train the dog and confine her at night.

If the cat is healthy, it's probably not going to make the dog sick. You're the one getting sick since it's disgusting and it is potentially exposing you to it. I bet you can think of a way to make the cat box impossible for the dog to get to and still available to the cat. Good luck.
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