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cat poop problems

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So I have a cat and a dog. But not until recently did I notice my dogs breathe was starting to stink. Like really bad. So i started carefully watching what she was doing ands then I noticed it. She was going in the cats litter box and eating her poop that hadnt been discarded yet. It grosssed me out to no end. I tried moving the liter box didnt help. I tried making sure i got the poop scooped as soon as my cat would poop. But sometimes she would go in the middle of the night yet again causing another problem. I tried putting up a barrier it just got knocked down. Im kind of running out of options. I tried training her to not eat it but hasnt been sticking. Shell stop doing it for like a week then go right back to eating the poop. I tried looking up why she does it and appaerntly its because of the scent of the cats food my dog likes it or something. So i tried changing the cat food, didnt work. In fact got worse. If anyone has any solutions please help. I dont want her to get sick from eating poop.
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Good luck. I've tried for years to prevent my dogs from eating cat poop.

You might try a litter box with the entry in the top, or one that has a vestibule. The latter can be pretty pricey, though.
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