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I've been thinking about it for a while, but I would like to get into carting with Bryna. Nothing fancy or anything. My idea is to use it for my son to sit on, and she can pull him when we go for walks, or if we go to an event or something next year.

I found this site that has a fairly cheap PVC cart design, which I could easily modify to be more child friendly (like adding side rails). If anyone has any links for say, adapting a Radio Flyer for carting, feel free to share.

One of the troubles that I'm having is finding a carting harness design. I don't want to buy a harness; I would much prefer to make it. I found this site, which has all of the supplies I would need for fairly cheap, so all I need is a functioning harness design.

Feel free to share any tips, or what worked best for you. Thanks!
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