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Carsten's fun day. :)

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So today we went to the woods again. Carsten loves it there. Oliver had to stay at home because his leg is still hurting so Carsten had to play by himself.

Yahoo! I love the woods.

Wait! I am all by myself? What are we gonna play? How about Hide and Go Seek?

Here I go to hide.

Can you see me now?
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How about now? Can you see me now?

Darn! This just isn't as much fun without my friend Oliver here to find me. Let's go home. :(

We had a good time anyway, but it was sad that Oliver had to wait at home. We both hope he will get better soon. :)
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Love the one with his head sticking out of the grass!
Love it!
Looks like a great little trip, Inga :)
I love the pic in the grass! Hope Oliver is feeling better soon.
I'm sorry you couldn't bring Oliver :( It is wonderful to see your beautiful boy having so much fun!
Thanks everyone. I know all of my pictures tend to look alike but people have stated that I do not post enough pictures of the boys so.... This is what you get. ha ha
We only got to see one deer today and Carsten only chased for a few yards. I think he was too hot. The mosquitoes were a bit much in the woods so we cut it short. I am so not a fan of bugs especially those that buzz around your ears. I hate that. :mad:

Red, I hope Oliver is better soon. That poor boy always seems to have something wrong with him. He is such a sweet angel, I hate seeing him sore. :(
Stunning pics! The first one's so funny.
Great pictures Inga. Whenever we have to take one dog for a walk, it never is the same for the dog on the walk - always looking for their buddy to play with. Makes for a calmer walk tho!. Carsten has such a big smile - that "happy - happy" look. Hope Oliver is up an about soon to join the fun.
The grass pic is the best. Very beautiful pics!!
Great pictures Inga. And you should definately post more often. I miss seeing your boys.
Thanks guys! I am hoping to go again in a few days. Hopefully we will be able to chase some more deer. That is one of Carstens favorite things to do. I never have to worry about him actually getting one, he isn't that fast and he doesn't chase them too far. I usually whistle the minute he is out of sight and he starts the trek back. :) I just love being in the country and so do the dogs. Snow shoeing should be fun this winter.
Yippee!! Pics from Inga! :D I love love love the grass one, definitely frameworthy!
I love carsten Inga. What a handsome dog !!!!!! Frame that one in the grass where he is peaking like you can't see him.:D
Poor Oliver, I wish he could have had fun, too. I just love that picture of Carsten behind all the grass with just his big smooshy head sticking out :)
He is so cute! I love big goofy dogs.:D
Wow! Thanks for all the nice words everyone. Carsten is a lug, that is for sure. :) Gotta love him though. He is such a smoochie face boy. Other then when he has that nasty foamy froth around his chin and lips. ;)
Some great pics there, the head in the grass is awesome!
I LOVE the "can you see me now" one... that's frame-worthy!
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