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Carnassial Abcess - Surgery Next Week!

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I brought my 9-year-old Dachshund Susie to the vet today because she had a lump under her eye. I watched it because I thought it was a bug bite, and the swelling went down. I brought her to the vet because it swelled up again and turns out, it's a carnassial abcess.

The vet recommended that they remove the tooth. It's a big molar in back, so I was wondering if it would affect how she ate? I give her kibble (no wriggling squirrels or anything she'd actually need those teeth for) but would it be too weird for her to eat kibble without that tooth?

Also, it's a major dental surgery. She has to be put under. I'm waiting to hear back from the blood test first, and then I'm gonna bring her in. She's never been put under before. How do they react? Is she going to be excessively tired? (I've never had anesthesia either, so I really am clueless here)

I'm very nervous, as she has been completely healthy and has never needed any sort of surgery. Has anyone ever dealt with this before? Any information is greatly appreciated.
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lovemygreys, the vet did put Susie on antibiotics (Clavamox). The swelling has gone down a lot, but it's still present. She had the pre-surgery bloodwork done yesterday, so I'm just waiting on the results.

Since she is going to be in a lot of pain after the surgery, should I keep her separate from my other dog, Sadie? I don't want Sadie to agitate her or Susie to fight her because she is in pain...
At the clinic I work at we usually recommend you keep dogs separate for at least the rest of the evening/afternoon and next day if necessary. I swear it AMAZES me how fast dogs bounce back from things like this!

Obviously it depends on the dog, but we've had some dogs with several teeth pulled who are looking for food the same evening! By the next day when they are allowed food again, they will chow down as if nothing happened!

Good luck on the bloodwork and the surgery!
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