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My 10 year old 60 lb hound dog Sandy was attacked by a larger, vicious dog who locked onto her left front leg and broke the ulna. This happened 1.5 months ago. The good news was that because only one of the two leg bones was broken, there was still a good amount of support from the undamaged bone.

At the 1 month visit x-rays were done and showed "some bone growth" but not much, and at that point she was still not using the leg because it was taped and splinted.

She was wrapped and splinted for the first month + few days but we had to go back to the vet shortly after the 1 month visit because she was miserable, as she was getting weeping bleeding sores from the bandages at the top of her leg and on her paw, and the vet suggested removing the splint and bandages and just being very careful and keeping her crated and limiting her activity as much as possible which we did.

Here we are 1.5 months out, 2 weeks from the bandage and splint removal and she's doing great and when I take her out she's walking fast even breaking into a run here and there although I try to restrain her to some degree and she's got a barely noticeable limp although she tends to favor the leg more after about a 15 minute walk.

The vet wanted to see her back at the 2 month mark for more x-rays but I'm thinking what's the point, since she's not splinted and taped, and she's been doing exponentially better by the day, her behavior and temperament are normal and like I said she's walking with barely a limp which is improving rapidly over the past week. I'm already $1600 into this I'm really not looking to spend another $200 just for the vet to say either "its healing but it needs more time" or "she's fine just let her run around". My plan is just to keep on gradually increasing her activity and giving her more freedom, from what I understand in a 10 year old dog the bone is going to be mostly healed by now, it should certainly be completely healed by the 3 month mark.

Question 2 is should I continue to crate her. At first she was very resistant to the crate, now she doesn't mind it so much especially if there's nothing of interest happening outside the crate! She's already hopped on and off the couches but she is clearly being careful to not put a ton of weight on the healing leg- she's a smart dog.

Thanks for the answers to those 2 questions and any other suggestions you may have.

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It's your dog, I personally would give up the cash to avoid another break. If she brakes it again, it will either be start over or $100 for euthanasia. If you were ok with option B, I assume you wouldn't even be posting.

Keep crating her as long as the vet says, or we're back to my first sentence.

Out of curiosity, where is the other dog's owner in all of this?
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