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Carboydrates & BARF?

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Ok, I'm still in the middle of my research. But I have noticed that some people include yams or potatoes once a week. I am assuming that is for the carbs. But if the idea is for the diet to be as natural as possible why are the carbohydrates needed? One of the main things I love about possibly switching to raw is getting my dogs off of grains and potatoes.

Can someone explain this for me?
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Mine don't really care for veggies, although I do occasionally mix in some rice, or noodles into their evening meal; it's not a 'given' for them, it's more of a treat.

Mine get premium kibble, canned, and raw on a rotating schedule. They usually get raw 3 times a week now, and they love it, and look fabulous; our terrier's attitude even seems to be changing a bit with more of the 'natural' diet; who knows, we may just switch to raw all together in the next year.
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