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Car sickness/ Motion Sickness.....PLEASE HELP!!

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My baby (Maltipoo) will be 2 on 2/19/20 I love her so much but I can’t take her anywhere with me because of her becoming cat sick, I hate that, I work during the week and when I’m home in the evenings and weekend I don’t want to leave her, I want her to go with me, and I’ve tried so many different things but I’m sure there is a few suggestions out there that I’ve not been made aware of!!! I will give her Dramamine but I was hoping to avoid that of possible, I feel it makes me think I’m drugging my baby.... ANY IDEAS

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Talk to your vet, as there are a couple of medications that can help with car sickness. Also, working with a positive methods based trainer on a counter-conditiong/desensitization program can help.
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