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Car safety: harness vs crate?

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My dog goes with me to work so she's in the car a lot. I want her to b safe in case of an accident. Is it safer to use a crate or a seat belt harness? I would think a crate may be safer but I've heard stories of dogs getting caught in crates after an accident. If you think a harness is safer, what brands are best?

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If you are in a serious accident, a hard sided crate or a specially made car crate in the boot are the safest options. Harnesses can't usually withstand the force of a car accident, unless you buy a serious one that has been tested for it, and I would think those ones would be quite expensive, if they exist at all. Wire crates when damaged can impale the dog.

If all you want is for the dog to be restrained in the car so it doesn't bug you or jump out the window, either will do. I use a harness. If I had a car that I wanted to keep for a while, and I had the money, I would get a proper car crate.
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