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Car Ride......

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Hello All,

I have trip in August from SC to PA. I plan to take my dogs they will be abourt 10 months. We are driving and have taken them on local rides in the car, but I want to make sure they will be OK, other than stopping more, have the pet crates. Any suggestions for motion sickness for puppies?

Any suggestions on the trip would be appreciated. Oh we are staying at my parents so no worries on Hotels, yet...

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Stop every 2 hours or more for about 10 minutes to let them potty and walk them around a bit. Bring a chew toy in the car for them, water dishes, dog first aide kit, extra collars and leashes. If your dogs get motion sickeness you can sometimes get meds from the vet to help. I have found making the dog lay down so they can't see out the window has helped with motion sickness.
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