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I dont know if most of you know Miss Baileys story, but long story short she was born into a PM to just pop out babies every chance they got. Place got shut down, only for her to go with someone new to do the samething. Until she met me.

It 2 weeks and 4 days that I had her, the first two nights she just wanted to be left along in her cage, when it was "potty" time she would let me take her out with no problem. She doesnt growl nor nip out of shyness or frightness, shes actually willing to let you do anything with her. When shes outside, this whole new door opens up, she does this little dance with her front legs, like telling me thank you for getting her out that horrible cage. When its time to come inside, that door closes and shes that frighten little dog who had a hard life. When its bath time, shes not scared, shes not trying to jump out the water, she sits there and lets me do whatever I want, lets me touch her, lets me take my time. My other dogs, well lets just say Im the one who ends ups taking a bath l0l. Its like shes thankful for everything I do. I know some of you think dogs forget about their past, I dont really think thats true, I personally think she remembers, but she knows Im not that kind of person, she knows Im here to help her.
I cant help but to fall in love with her, shes the sweetest thing ever. Scared a lot but sweet. I hope I dont sound like a crazy dog women, lol. But those of you who feel the same way, its like a gift from god. :)
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