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I'm Miss Chloe's mom, a mini longhair Dachsund, a little redhead, 8 yrs old. As Chloe's advocate I am reaching out to tap into the experience of others regarding gallstones in their dog.

July 2011 Chloe was symptomatic of fever, vomiting clear fluid & food, lethargy & lack of appetite. Bloodwork revealed elevated liver panel & infection, possible urine crystals @ which time she received antibiotic for infection, antacid/nausea meds & Urinary Diet for the crystals. Subsequently, ultrasound guided needle biopsy revealed liver ok, but gallstones in the gallbladder. Infection gone, followup bloodwork normal.

Approx a month later she begins occasional vomiting & lack of appetite, sometimes signs of pain & sometimes not, no fever. Have pain meds on hand just in case. Vet thinks gallbladder attacks, so refers us to surgeon.

The surgeon really confused the mix. He thinks she is stable. That gallstones in dogs rarely cause problems & that sometimes they even dissipate! So basically he doesn't think the gallstones are the problem. I'm certainly not looking to open her up based on that input. So the vet thinks it's the gallbladder, the surgeon not convinced.

More bloodwork & ultrasound is in the offing for sure, just watching & documenting her symptoms for now.

I didn't notice much dialogue regarding gallbladder on this forum, but that doesn't mean it's not there. I'm new & learning to navigate this site, but wanted to get something out there to all of you faster than I can learn! I've been spending a good amount of time on the internet trying to explore options.

Yes, the vet & I can take this as far as we can take it, but it sure racks up the $ & I would like to cut to the chase for Chloe's sake as well. She's got the tummy rumbles & on famotidine regularly, bowels ok though. Just don't know how many procedures to put her through. She doesn't even like having her temp taken, poor thing.

So, bottom line: have any of you had experience w/gallbladder issues that you discovered were really something else? Or were the symptoms similar to Chloe's & gallbladder removal took care of it?

Thanks so much for taking your time to read this. Hope I get some helpful responses.
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