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Canine Discoid Lupus Survey

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I'm conducting a little independent survey in my never ending quest to better understand what's going on with my dog and in hopes of helping others who might have to deal with this in the future. This survey is for people who have or are dealing with a dog who has DLE.

---> DLE Survey <---

This is on a free web server so I can only have 25 people take this survey per month. If it doesn't work, please try again next month. Also, I'd be thrilled if you would forward this survey to anyone you might know who has experienced a dog that has/had DLE.

Thank you very much for taking the time,
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I just moved some things around on that webpage and goofed up the link to the survey.
So here's the link again. :redface:

Canine Discoid Lupus Survey

Sorry about that.
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