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Recognized by the International Cynological Federation (FCI) provisionally in 1996 and definitively only ten years ago, the Cane Corso Italiano spreads around the world in astonishing quantity and speed. "The breed goes through a huge boom in popularity around the world," says Silvio Varvaro of Italy's D'Aquinea Kennel.
In the time before the acceptance, Silvio took its copies to the expositions so that the public knew the race. "And since that time, I have noticed that people from all over Italy wanted a Cane Corso, impressed with their elegant and yet powerful physique," recalls Silvio. "I witnessed all phases of the Cane Corso," says one of the oldest breeders in Brazil, Eduardo Luiz de Oliveira, of the Cane Club Kennel, in Curitiba. "In the first one, back in 2000, nobody knew him and we sought acceptance from the public, still distrustful about temperament," he says, adding: "At this stage, people already recognize him as a reliable and balanced dog."
The breeder Robinson Romão, from the Romao d'Italia Kennel in Santo André, SP, believes that the balanced temperament, a characteristic that the interviewees consider remarkable in the Cane Corso, distinguishes it from other breeds that, through a series of factors, became Labeled as dangerous, being one of the reasons for the increase in demand. "The Cane Corso provides greater security for those who have never before lived with canine specimens with an emphasis and instinct for guard and protection," he says. "In France, the Cane Corso is not affected by a law that has created a series of requirements for an owner or breeder to keep races that are considered dangerous by them," says Christian Delaitre of the Des Mas Star kennel. Many breeders have gone on to work with the Cane Corso to take on fewer burdens and meet the increased demand from individuals who do not want to have restrictions on getting a dog. "
Another reason for its popularity relates to the fact that it cater to various lifestyles. "It is as if the specificities that people seek in certain races were found in a single one," says Romão. "The typical Cane Corso is agile, athletic and intelligent and, with this, has several skills," added Eduardo. "He is always eager to please the owner: his great learning ability makes him very useful in various activities," says Régis Duchaussoy of the Jade Le Temple Kennel in France. "It is a multifunctional working dog that, because it has been developed to work for long periods, does not tire easily," says Paula Zaro of the United States DarkHorse Kennel.

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