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My dog was never given any house rules except "leave the cats alone!"

He has, on occasion, stood on the dining room table and he has stood on the porch table. I never discipline these things.. because he comes when I call so I just call him.

He will lie down, go to his bed, go to his crate all on command but rarely do I need to tell him. Learning to "settle" in the house is a "job." I taught him early on and in small increments and I made "settling" rewarding with a raw bone or kong stuffed with yogurt and frozen.

I lock up the trash. I don't leave food on the table or counter and when he was a little guy I put things away that I did not want him to have.

Now at age 5 he just settles when I settle though he sometimes plays with his toy or asks me to play with him with a toy. No drama. No yelling.

My last 5 dogs were raised the same way and acted the same way.
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