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Can you help me figure out what my dog is??

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We just got a puppy for our kids today. A lady was going to take them to the pound so we adopted one. She told us she was a Jack Russell mix but we are wondering what it is mixed with or if it's even a Jack at all. Can anyone tell what she might have in her??

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Omg this puppy is too cute! I have not a clue what she could be lol. It might be easier to ID her when she gets older.
Haha, thank you. She is a doll for sure. You are right, it will probably be easier when she's older. I guess we were just trying to figure out how big she might get. Her paws aren't huge so I am hoping she will stay small to medium size and not gigantic(although we would love her all the same).

I was searching some and she does resemble these pups a bit. They are called Scotch Collies.


I see jack Russell x beagle.. those eyes Awww
Good answer, Pappy! The only thing that has me stumped is her fur. She has kind of longish flowy soft fur. We have had both a beagle and jack in the past and they both had wiry super short, stiff fur.
Her coloring and the look of her face remind me of a Papillon.
Oh my. I had never heard of a papillon before but I went and searched puppies and you are right. They very strongly resemble my pup. The ears and tail make sense. You can't tell in the pics provided but when normal stance her ears perk up at the tips. I will try to get a better picture. And her tail curls up over her back as well. The fur is the same as hers too. That soft sort of flowly hair. I guess it's possible she has some in her.
Added a better pic to the op

Turtlesocks, that pic in your avi is melting my heart. So adorable.
Aw, thanks! Toby is a pretty good sport about wearing hats and sunglasses for photo ops. ;)

Whatever mix she is, your puppy is cuter than cute!
Such a cute puppy! I see some spaniel mix in your dog for sure. And I know they're rare and not found outside their native Netherlands, but your pup reminded me of a Kooiker Dog. Anyway, your pup is sooo adorable!!
My friends have a papillion x beagle mix and I do recall her looking somewhat similar as a pup, but she could be far from it at the same time lol. It will be much easier to tell when she mature's a bit. I agree a spaniel isn't far off, either.
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