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Can things get any worse?

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There are majors at the Houston Cluster this weekend. All three days I'm supposed to be showing.

4-5-5 in bitches.

The person I was supposed to go with has backed out due to unforseen circumstances, which means I likely can't go and will just have to swallow $100 in entries

I'm struggling with Delphi, I technically can't go home because my sister is visiting and has use of my room, which means I have nowhere to sleep, Jon is off to OCS soon, and I'm starting to plan a wedding even though I have no idea what I'm doing.

Life hates me, I swear.
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Don't ever ask that question! It might just get answered... Good luck!
The whole thing just sucks is all.

It's majors...and I can't afford to waste the entry fee....
So... noob question but what is the Houston Cluster?
Everything works out in the end. Remain positive and things will turn around.
Good Luck!!
Sorry to hear this! Hope it works out for you. Or you can find someone else?
So... noob question but what is the Houston Cluster?
The Houston cluster is three days of showing with almost EVERYTHING. OB, Agility, Rally, demos, etc etc etc. It's also one of the big championship shows on the way to the Invitationals. It's televised on Animal Planet in the Fall. It's a TON of fun and is one of our biggest 'n best in TX.
Unfortunately it looks like I'm going to have to pull Delphi...seems for the best...her guard hairs are falling out....

We may be making a trip to New Jersey :)
it seems like all the worst things have chosen to happen at the same time.
Yes...it is more and more likely that the breeder is who she will be returning to
Xeph, sorry to hear about the hard times. Keep us posted. Sending good thoughts from me and the beagles.
That really sucks. Things will get better.
That's a bummer. I didn't like planning my wedding either. It was hard, and I'm soooo not into girly wedding stuff. We ended up having a haloween wedding with a costume party reception. It was fun. Keep your chin up. That sucks that you can't make it. I'm taking my boy to the show (to watch), and it's been fun the previous years that we've made it.
I love the wedding planning honestly...I just don't know how to go about getting a florist and everything, heh.

I just can't afford a hotel room to go
Oh no!! I hope you can find a way to go to the shows!! Are you talking about coming to NJ to show?? If so when?? I would love to meet up with you at a show!!
Yeah...I'll be in the Clinton Area (Milford). Probably won't be showing, but I'd love to meet up with you sometime. I'm known to go to shows to help handle or just watch :D
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