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Can someone give me a schedual that you would use on this dog?

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Can someone give me a schedual that you would use on this dog?
Meet Samantha,
She is a mini daschund spayed female. I really need help because when you pick her up she pees and she is afraid of everything causing her to pee. I was thinking that it would help her to put her on a puppy schedual. She is one year old she was born on January 6th. So I want a schedual you would give to a puppy. As like walks, bathroom, eating, sleeping. All that stuff. Thank you.
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Schedules vary by the individual dog. You kind of have to figure it out yourself. You're feeding her and watering her on a regular basis I assume. Take her out on a regular basis and keep a spreadsheet on when she goes. That will give you an idea of what your dog's schedule is like.

Edit: None of your links work btw.
It sounds like she's peeing out of fear. i.e. she's peeing when you pick her up = submissive urination. I'm not real sure a schedule will help with this...you will need to work on her fear issues. I would perhaps stop picking her up, since this is a source of fear. She's probably still getting used to her new environment, this fear may subside over time. However, if you want to put her on a puppy schedule, then take her out to potty every 3 hours.

Have you heard of submissive urination? Do a google search and read about it. You can probably search this forum for some advice on how to work with it.
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