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I don't know if that's true or not but I have never coddled my dogs when it comes to what's for dinner. I know many, maybe even most, slowly transition their dogs when changing foods but I haven't. I simply don't have time to figure who has been on what diet or for how long. I have half a dozen of my own plus fosters coming and going. Years ago when I first switched to raw I gave chicken quarters for a week but after that it was whatever was on sale. That was for the first group. After that everyone ate the same thing regardless if it was their first day on raw or 10th year. If it was liver night everyone got liver, including the newbie. I have heard so many stories of "cannon butt" but have never seen it in any of my own dogs or fosters. I don't know if it's because all my guys are rescues, and ate whatever was donated to the shelter that week or whatever was in the trash, and developed cast iron guts or what.
Maybe you like you suggested, digestive sensitivity it a developed thing? I dunno... Just glad it's not happening in my home! :D

and the pound puppy crew.
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