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Hey everyone. I am a new dog owner and this is my first time here.

Well, I have always had a dog growing up, but I finally have my own dog. She is a husky/german shepard (to the best of my knowledge) and she is about 8 months old.

Anyways, I have a bit of an issue that's upsetting, and I figured that here would be a good place to ask about it.

My dog seems to like my parents house better than her own home. Whenever she sees either of my parents, she goes ballistic for them like she hasn't seen them in ages. And when they leave, she whines and gets upset at the door. I often bring her over to my parents house for them to babysit, and it is often extremely hard to get her to leave. It's almost as if she prefers my parents to me and it is getting quite upsetting.

The latest issue is that I was gone away for 2 weeks, during which time, my dog stayed with my parents. When I got home, she was excited to see me, but nowhere near the level she normally is when she sees my parents. I chalked this up to her being overwhelmed by the airport, but when my father came over this morning to shovel my steps, she reacted just as excitedly as she normally does....even more so than when she hadn't seen me in 2 weeks!

As you can imagine, having my dog love my parents more is upsetting. I was wondering if anyone here could put my mind at ease and maybe explain this type of behaviour. Is there anything that I could be doing wrong? I am a very caring and loving pet owned, I am just a bit worried that she sees my parents as her actual owner and not me.
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