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My mix doesn't have a tail. He has one tiny stump, which is really short. He can't even move it. Can mixed breed dogs be born without a tail? I have no idea what kind of mix he is. Or do you think it was docked? And if a tail is docked, is it normal to dock it so short?

I was just wondering about this. :)
The gene for bob tails in

Australain Shepherds
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Swedish Valhund
and a few other breeds

Is a dominant gene, if the gene is passed on to the offspring (there is a 50% chance of passing it on in a bob tail to full tail breeding) the offspring will then have a bobbed tail (of various lengths) this bob tail gene can be passed on easily thru the generations.

For example if you breed a natural bob tailed Aussie to a Labrador you will have a 50% chance of having bob tailed puppies, then if you breed one of those bob tailed mixes to a German ShepherdxHusky mix you will again have 50% chance of having bob tailed puppies. You can have very mixed up pups who carry the bob tailed trait of one of their purebred great great ect. grandparents.
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