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Can i get a dog.?

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Greetings. my name is andrew from Norway,and i was wondering if i can get a dog?

i have allways loved animals, and i usualy take care of my sisters 2 little dogs from time to time,and for some reason i can walk them around the neighbourhood without leach on any of em. ( my sister and any other family members need to keep em on a leach or they run around and sometimes to far) but they eventualy come back

i might spoil em abit more with like walkking em 3 times a day, unlike my sister that keeps em in the yard.but im not putting myself in a, im a pack leader state, more like a caring fella and it seems to work.numerous times they have "busted out " of the yard and run to my house. 3 houses up and like scratching at the door. i let em in, keep my door open and they dont run of( then tend to lay on my lap chilling and dont seem restless to go for a walk or so ) might have to do with the 3 kids my sister have 6 13 16 years old, so might be just to get a break and chill out.

me myself i would like a retriver pref a fleachcoat one ( i think its called ) kinda like alabradoor but with more silky phur.

problem is i dont see myself inwolved with a lady atm or in the near future, and im working,

i take the buss 10 20 and im back at round 17 30 mon to friday. ( i can get up at 8 walk the dog for 1h or so ( good for me to sinse i got like 30 pounds to mouch )

so would that be ok ? walk the dog for and hour or so, then go to work and be away for bout 8 hours, then a new walk, and after that chilling inside on the couch, or does it take 2 people?i have a smal lawn outside bout 5-8 meeters but i cant keep the door open to my apartment when im a way?

sry bout the typoes and the long post btw
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Many people have dogs and work 8 hours a day. That makes the potty training more difficult but, not impossible.

It doesn't take two people but, two certainly makes the work easier.

The biggest problem is barking while you're gone especially if you have neighbors who will complain.
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