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Can I brag on my puppy?

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We took our first trip with Hamilton last weekend to visit my family, and go to my college reunion. It is about a 3 hour drive. We were gone Thursday -> Sunday. He did AMAZING!! We brought his sleeping crate instead of his travel crate and he slept in his bed all the way down! He only started whining in the last 5 minutes and I think it was cause he really needed a pee by then.

He was awesome at my parents house. He didn't have one accident all weekend. He slept in bed with us (he's usually crated) and LOVED it! He burrowed under the covers or snuggled in between my husband and me. At dinner time he sat quietly under the table. He sat in my mom's lap and brought her toys. His only weirdness was that he was super, super velcroed to me. He had to follow me to the bathroom! We left him twice for a while - once to go out at night and we just crated him and he was fine. The second to run errands during the day and he cried a bunch and nipped at my mom a lot, who accidentally put him in a stay trying to get him to stop then couldn't figure out why he wouldn't move. She went and checked her command reference list, released him, and he went right back to nipping.

He was fantastic at my college reunion. He walked around campus a TON, in and out of buildings, met a few other dogs, met tons and tons of people, went to an art gallery with a big loud crowd, no problem! He did steal someone's cup of water and apple core, but that was the worst of it.

He met my 2 month old nephew and loved him. He got all upset when he cried and just wanted to lick him. Hamilton woke me up at 3 am on Saturday night by nudging and licking my face -- my nephew was crying. When he was settled down again, Hamilton went right back under the covers and went back to sleep. He also played with 5 and 8 y/o friends of my family. He was gentle with them and let them play with his ears and did commands for them and took treats and played with toys with them.

We also took him to the beach where he ran around in the sand, chased geese, and even walked through the water some! I was so impressed! He HATES getting wet!! (He really hated the bath he needed when we got back to the house - his legs and belly were caked in sand and sea water.)

The entire weekend was a big relief. It really reinforced that we've been doing the right things, and our puppy is turning into what we wanted from a dog - a social little bugger that can hang with us and go out and do things without getting stressed or being ill mannered. We did learn that at least 5 dogs in my parents' neighborhood are NOT friendly. He met one neighbor dog who was and he loved her, but he tried to meet all the dogs, and their neighbors all said their dogs were mean. But my dog isn't!! My dog is awesome! :) I'll upload some pictures from the weekend when I get around to it.

Ok that was a ton of bragging... I'm just so proud of him!! :) :clap2:
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That is fantastic! Yay for Hamilton!
It's so refreshing to hear people bragging on their puppies!
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