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Can I bathe him now?

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My puppy, to be very crude, smells horrible. It's not his fault - he had a huge gash from running into something and needed surgery/stitches. He popped a stitch open but the vet didn't replace it as it would have caused him more pain - she just said it would have to have a few extra days to heal. It took about three weeks, leading to now. The wound seems completely closed, but it still looks pink. I want to bathe him but I don't want to hurt him - I'd rather have him smelling bad for a few days if it means I won't hurt him.

Should I go ahead and bathe him (and not lather the shampoo directly into the wound)?

Or should I wait a few days?
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It's usually no bathing for a week, so I'd imagine three weeks would be sufficient -- either way I'd just give the vet a quick call to make sure it's alright. I'm in love with Nature's Miracle Ultra-Deodorizing Spray to freshen up a stinky puppy between baths.
Ohh, is it any good? I'll have to buy some...and that's probably best, I'll give the vet a buzz. Thank you! :)
I adore it. It really kills the doggie smell without making him smell perfumey. It has a kind of light, clean smell. I just spritz him a few times, pet it through his fur (it says brush it through but he's short haired) and once it's dry he really smells way better. He doesn't always need a bath -- but he often needs freshening up either from other dogs drooling on him in play group or rolling in whatever out in the yard.
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