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Hi all,

We have had our puppy, Lilly, for 1.5 months now. She is now a little over 8 months. She has started settling in well luckily. I wrote a post about her about a month ago having issues with potty training and such.

We started taking her to doggie training a few weeks ago and she is catching on really quickly. The trainer seems to be pretty impressed by her. We take her every Sunday morning to class and usually when we put her in the car she just pants (she's not the biggest fan of car rides right now but we're working on it). Yesterday about 5 minutes away from the Petco where we do the training she started to whine. My husband and I thought it was weird but just assumed maybe she was getting a bit nervous or something.

We pulled into the Petco parking lot and I got her out. We walked a few paces and she peed a bunch. She had been playing that morning with our other dog in the backyard and they had drank a bunch of water. We didn't think much of that yet. Then we start crossing the lane to get to the store and she squats and has diarrhea. Cars are coming towards us but I'm not going to stop her of course. Rather have her poo outside than inside.

We get to class and she's very restless. 5 minutes in she pees on the floor. I had told the trainer that she had diarrhea before coming in so she joked that she had to go pee too but I mentioned she had also just peed a bunch outside in the parking lot. The trainer raised her eyebrow at that.

Then, it was time for a few demonstrations on skills and the trainer called Lilly over. After a few tries and her not being able to focus, she pees yet again in the classroom. We were all starting to get concerned. We started doing the demo out in the store and everything seemed ok. Then about 5-10 minutes of walking around the store she pees yet again. that's 4 pees in less than 30 minutes. The trainer mentioned that it could be a UTI because this was getting weird.

It came to the end of class and we went to go grab a few things that we needed in the store when she has diarrhea in the middle of an aisle. Poor thing. My husband took her outside while I cleaned up the mess and paid for the items we needed.

We walked her again once we came home and she peed and had diarrhea yet again. For the rest of the day she was very lethargic and just not herself at all. Our vet was closed since it was Sunday but we decided to call this morning if she wasn't back to herself. Luckily she perked up by last walk before bed last night.

We thought about it and wondered if she had ingested something that made her get sick like that or if it was nerves. She does get some anxiety at times but we've never seen her pee or have diarrhea because of it. Then, I thought back to things that she may have ingested. Since Saturday was the 1st we give our dogs flea and tick and heartworm meds. Lilly, our puppy, gets the chewable Nexgard and Heartgard and Logan, our other dog, gets the topical Frontline and the chewable Heartgard. They did wrestle and play a bunch Saturday night and Sunday morning. I wondered if maybe she had ingested some of the Frontline while wrestling and that's what made her sick. I searched on Google to see if frequent urination, diarrhea and lethargy were potential symptoms but the urination part was not listed. However, I did see it as a symptom of poisoning in dogs.

Have you guys ever experienced something similar with topical flea and tick meds? Do you think it was nerves? Just wondering if any of you have experienced anything similar. Like I mentioned she is back to herself today so I haven't reached out to the vet.

Thanks for any advice!

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