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Can dogs get pregnant without a tie?

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So my friend and I have been trying to breed my Pug female to my friends chihuahua male. There hasnt been a tie but it has gone inside a few times. Someone told me they could still get pregnant without a tie but others said they cant. If they cant well keep trying.

The reason we would really like pups from them is because on a walk we saw the most adorable Chug. She looked exactly like a pug but tiny like a chihuahua. I fell in love with it and since my friend owns a male chihuahua and my Pug is 2 and a half we though wed have a litter.

We are planning on keeping one each and the rest will go to family members. I know small dogs dont have big litters. Im hoping one of our chugs looks like the one I saw on the walk.

So can the bitch get pregnant without a tie?
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With our purebreds, we were not in a position to decide ... the breeder maintained full breeding rights. With the rescue dogs, we were also,mostly, not in a position to decide as they all arrived spayed / neutered. So I'm really not in a position to judge as I have only caught two of our dogs in the "act" and they were both locked.

As to the breeding decision, I'm not going to preach as to you what you should or should not do. There is a lot of "designer dogs" out there and that that's not necessarily a bad thing. Healthwise with our 2 GSD / Huskies I guess Im pleased that the Husky has the lowest incidence of Hip Dysplasia. Pomsky's is one that gets a little tricky as as far as I know breeders rely strictly on artificial means. Opponents of cross breeding say it's "playing god" ...but that's the exact process that led to purebreds in the 1st place so that seems silly ....even to non-aetheists :)

One recently popular cross breed is a Lab Weimaraner Mix (Labmaraner ).... now I imagine the impetus behind this was that silver labs are extremely rare and by cross breeding you do get silver coated dogs. But before making a decision, the best advice i can offer is to educate yourself before doing s,

a) Research the breeds as to their health issues, You want to avoid parents where both have a high incidence of the same problem. Chihuahua heart problems (patent ductus arteriosus, mitral valve disease), eye disease, and patellar luxation (loose kneecaps) and ometimes Idiopathic epilepsy, For Pugs, eye problems including corneal ulcers and dry eye have been known to occur. Like all flat-faced breeds, pugs sometimes experience breathing problems and do poorly in sunny, hot, or humid weather. The most common health issues seen in Chugs are eye problems, heatstroke,respiratory problems, patellar luxation

b) The pup may look like a Pug, a Chihuahua or a Chug somewhere in between... same with behavioral characteristics

c) A web search will get you various Chug web sites .... information is worth reading but be wary of the site's funding source.

d) Birth an Motherhood can be a challenge and costly.

In the end, the decision is yours ,,,not my place to tell you yeay or nay, but I would hope that you make an informed decision i the best interests of your family and the dogs.

d) Much solid information is listed above ... I'd add consulting your veterinarian and various Chug web sites

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