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Can dogs get pregnant without a tie?

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So my friend and I have been trying to breed my Pug female to my friends chihuahua male. There hasnt been a tie but it has gone inside a few times. Someone told me they could still get pregnant without a tie but others said they cant. If they cant well keep trying.

The reason we would really like pups from them is because on a walk we saw the most adorable Chug. She looked exactly like a pug but tiny like a chihuahua. I fell in love with it and since my friend owns a male chihuahua and my Pug is 2 and a half we though wed have a litter.

We are planning on keeping one each and the rest will go to family members. I know small dogs dont have big litters. Im hoping one of our chugs looks like the one I saw on the walk.

So can the bitch get pregnant without a tie?
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I agree completely with the above.
while it is understandable that you would think it fun to produce some cute puppies, it is actually a terrible idea to breed dogs of any kind, especially those with multiple possible inheritable health issues, unless you are extremely well versed in what to do, and how.

Do you know all of the things that can go wrong with a pregnant mother dog and how to spot them and which are emergencies? (there are a great deal of things that can go wrong....far more than you would think)

Do you know all of the things that can go wrong during birth and how to spot them and name them and what to do and which ones constitute emergencies for the mother, the puppy, or the whole litter and the mother?

Do you have veterinary experience, or a vet or vet tech that can be standing by while the puppies are being born even if it is in the middle of the night, so that you do not end up with dead dogs?

Are you willing to risk your dog's health and life just to make some cute puppies that you could probably find in a shelter or rescue without risking your dog?

If you cannot answer all of those questions with YES, then it is very dangerous and inadvisable for you to proceed with this.

If you love your female dog, don't subject her to this. Pugs frequently have serious breathing problems, can stop breathing during the birth process, and often require a C-section birth due to their brachiocephalic structure.

Just wanting a few cute puppies is not a good enough reason to take all of these chances. And, by the way, it is not true that small dogs always have small litters.
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