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Can dogs get pregnant without a tie?

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So my friend and I have been trying to breed my Pug female to my friends chihuahua male. There hasnt been a tie but it has gone inside a few times. Someone told me they could still get pregnant without a tie but others said they cant. If they cant well keep trying.

The reason we would really like pups from them is because on a walk we saw the most adorable Chug. She looked exactly like a pug but tiny like a chihuahua. I fell in love with it and since my friend owns a male chihuahua and my Pug is 2 and a half we though wed have a litter.

We are planning on keeping one each and the rest will go to family members. I know small dogs dont have big litters. Im hoping one of our chugs looks like the one I saw on the walk.

So can the bitch get pregnant without a tie?
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Please do not breed your dogs. First, pugs have some very serious health issues that are inherited such as a multitude of skin issues, eye problems, breathing problems, tail problems, encephalitis, diabetes, spine issues, dental issues, etc. And just because your pug does not have any of these, it doesn't mean she won't pass them on to her puppies. In addition, pregnacy and delivery can exascerbate or trigger some of these conditions in the mom.

Chihuahuas can have tracheal collapse, hypoglycemia, dental issues, and hydrocephalus. Again, even if the dog doesn't present these health issues, they can be passed on to the puppies.

Without expensive testing done on the mother and father, you risk breeding unhealthy puppies. Causing high expenses for you, your friend, and/or family members if that puppy is unhealthy.

In addition, due to the breathing difficulties in pugs, pregnancy and delivery can cause complications putting your dog's health and possibly life at risk.

If you really want a pug chihuahua mix, go search the rescues and shelters.
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