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Can anyone help identify our little puppy's breed(s)?!

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Hey peeps :wave: to keep this story short(ish) Ill go straight into it.....We recently bought a little puppy that was listed (by the shop) as a Jack Russell cross Yorkshire Terrier.....Now, we have some dog exp but we haven't had a dog from their puppy stage before so we just assumed that it was exactly what they said it was.

However....we took her to the vets yesterday as she has the symptoms of Mange, which she has contracted so she's losing her hair slightly but we have the medication for that now.....anyway the vet said that she has Jack Russell in her but the cross breed in her is possibly Rottweiler?!?! We have looked and looked for ages on the internet but we just cant work out what she is. We will take her to the vets or wherever we can to get it verified for certain but if anyone can help for now that'd be great.

She is 9 weeks old, I can see some Rotty in her....I think....but we are just completly unsure now! She is a lovely little puppy though, no matter what breed(s) she has :wink:


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I really doubt she's a yorkie x rotti mix. Lots of dogs have that black and tan colouring: yorkies, miniature pincers, a wide variety of hounds, dachsunds, just off the top of my head.

It's so hard to tell at that age. Puppies, like babies, tend to all look alike. It'll be more obvious as she matures.
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