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Camping with puppies

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This summer I plan on a few camping trips with my kids. It will the first time we have had a pet going with us. ANy tips/advice from those that have BTDT?
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My 5 year old lab started camping with me at 6 months, and she's a pro now. If she sees me moving around camping gear it's party time.

Anyway, her crate came with me. Dog in crate in tent (the tent was big enough), and a tie out for other times, leash...etc. If I left the campsite for any reason, she was in the crate in the tent, with the cover unzipped etc for ventilation. And of course water in the crate.

A word to the wise...bring tomato juice. Lots of tomato juice. Unless you live in an area that magically doesn't have skunks. (Or whatever you would personally use to de-skunk a dog).
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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