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Camping with puppies

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This summer I plan on a few camping trips with my kids. It will the first time we have had a pet going with us. ANy tips/advice from those that have BTDT?
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Does anyone here take their dogs camping with them? How do you make it go smoothly?
Thanks everyone!

Stupid question about tie outs. Older pup is very good on one, we use it at home often since we do not have a fence. Younger pup is just learning. Those of you with more than 1 dog, do you just use 1 tie out in the ground with a different length of the chain/rope per dog? Or does each one get it's own spike thing in the ground? Did that question even make sense?

Also kennelling. We don't use crates here at home, and both pups sleep together generally. I do have 1 large folding metal crate, is it okay to put both in together at night (there is ample room for 2 to fit and have room to move about etc), or if we have to leave the site for a little bit (like for showers)? Or should I be tracking down 2 smaller ones to have them each in their own?
Curious to how your camping trip went with the puppy?
We are taking our first camp trip with our new puppy soon, he will be around 10 weeks old. How did the tie down and kennel work? We have a pop up camper and are planning on having him sleep inside without his kennel, not sure he is ready for that freedom may need to purchase the soft side kennel. Thanks for any shared information.

We haven't actually gone yet. 3 of my kids are away for a spell, once the oldest is back next week I am planning a camping trip for me, my oldest, my youngest and the 2 dogs. We are having our first experience be in a campgroun only 30 minutes from home so if it is not going well we can pack up and head home asap.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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