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Camping with puppies

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This summer I plan on a few camping trips with my kids. It will the first time we have had a pet going with us. ANy tips/advice from those that have BTDT?
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I have done it a couple times...First time it was me, my son and his friend(they were about 7) and 4 dogs in a tent. Everything was good until the raccoons came out and the one dog figured out how to break out of the tent:( 2:30 in the morning, pitch black and all 4 dogs took off. They all came back after about 1/2 hour, but that was scary. Moral of story, get small locks to put on tent zipper, so it can't be opened. Second time, I rented a cabin and took two dogs. It was a good experience. Just make sure you don't forget anything for the dogs, make sure they have flea/tick medicine, a secure tie out, food, water and you should be okay.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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