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Camping with puppies

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This summer I plan on a few camping trips with my kids. It will the first time we have had a pet going with us. ANy tips/advice from those that have BTDT?
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We took our last dog camping with us every summer and plan to take Gally with us sometime this summer.

A good tie out stake is a must so you can secure them anywhere even if there isn't a tree around. Unless they are securely in the tent it's best to keep them leashed at all times. Mostly keeps them from taking off to chase wildlife while you're trying to cook dinner or to bother your neighbours. I hate it when the neighbours dogs come wandering into campsite to try to beg some food.

We put the tie out near our eating area. Close enough that they can sit under the picnic table but with enough room that they can go pee in the bush rather then where we're eating. Don't leave them unattended of course.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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