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Calming Signals?

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Auriel wants to play with my cat's soooo bad. She playbows to them and barks at them, and drags her toys to them. They really have no interest in her and because tries to launch herself onto them, which freaks them out. My most tolerant cat will sit there and take the assault before finally swatting at her to get her to back off. My pup (which surprised me) replied by calming signals. She yawned at the cat, then turned her head, licked her lips. Now I'm pretty sure my cat and my dog speak different languages but the cat relaxed a little until the next assault. Then the cat had enough and jumped the gate.
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They have a few common signals, in fact several mammal species use yawning, head turning and averting the eyes as ways to let others know they aren't a threat including the Great Apes.
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