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I am considering getting a rough collie as my second dog and have heard great things about them. I am wondering however if the best choice of dog for me would be a Collie or a Sheltie. Here is a little about my situation:

My previous dog was a German Shepherd and my current dog is a Shepherd mix. I love Shepherds as they are extremely loyal, devoted to one person, intelligent velcro dogs. I have never had a bond with another dog like I've had with my German Shepherds. The reason I am looking into Collie or Sheltie as my second dog is the fact that German Shepherd breeders in my area who breed high quality, healthy dogs sell them for a very premium price ($5k+). I've also always loved the Collie breed for their sweet nature and thought they could be a great addition to my family.

What I am looking for: An adventure buddy who can come running, hiking, etc. with me but have an off-switch as I work from home. I also frequent many local dog friendly breweries, cafes, parks, farms, etc. and love bringing my pup with me. I would love another velcro dog and heard collies are very loyal, but not necessarily a one person dog if you will. Shelties I know are much more one person dogs which has what peaked my interest in them (along with their high intelligence), but I have not had great experiences with smaller dogs breeds in general and wasn't sure how loving they can really be?

Any stories you have about your dogs or perspective would be much appreciated!

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Both Collies and Shelties are quite intelligent, and both are your typical herders...velcro, can be aloof with strangers, and fairly active. Shelties bark...a lot. Collies are more "dignified" but they are generally quite vocal, as well. Both are generally affectionate with their owners. I would say Collies are calmer and more stable...not that shelties are unstable messes, but if I wanted a dog I could take to a public place and be confident they'll keep a level head, I would choose the Collie. As with most herders, they are both naturally one person dogs. Not that they will ignore people in your household, but they will likely prefer the company of their primary caretaker and handler. They'll both generally be uninterested in strangers. As in, they won't get super excited and drag you toward a new friend at every opportunity, but they are not fearful of strangers.

One thing to note with your herders, as I'm sure you've heard, it is important to select a breeder who pays special attention to temperament. The "reserved with strangers" can turn into "afraid of strangers" if breeders aren't considering temperament in their pairings. I would search for a breeder who has her breeding dogs participating in a variety of activities that proves their ability to remain confident and attentive to their handler in exciting public social situations.

I own a Collie/Aussie mix...so take my opinion as you will, and I have also participated in agility competitions and met and observed a number of purebred Collies and Shelties in a high intensity atmosphere.
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