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Callahan's COMEBACK*OverLoad*

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Today was the best day ever. My boy is totally back to 100%, SPIRIT wise!

Last night I fell asleep on the floor (sleeping bag opened up with covers) and Callahan slept on the couch. Well this morning I awoke to the sweetest nose RIGHT in my nose! LOL! I open my eyes and I see him, with his head right on my pillow as comfy as can be... with his nose touching mine.

I say "Morning baby love" and his eyes open and I hear HUGE "Whack whack whack" his tail was going nuts LOL!

So we go outside and he gets to peeing and as soon as he's done he does this HOP HOP HOP back to me like a funny lanky deer all dummy happy haha!

I was so happy. Well the day went on and got 100x better! All seems to be perfect! He even ate!!!
(V, he ate without me doing anything special to the food at all... he just wanted his kibble )

Here are the pics!
Being a ham! Chillin outside

Life is gooood

He says... HEY I gotta get some sun! I've been in the dark for a week!

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Half a Dane LOL

Resting after some outside fun

Teehee smiling while he's sleeping!

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I look tired sorry! but super happy!


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LoL! Bath time... feeling miserable! (I didnt want to use the outside tub... in order to make sure the water the warm and he didnt get the chill )

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LOL! He kicked Grampa's A$$ today! He's feeling super strong!

Thanks for looking you all! My dad was having so much fun with him today and he told me it felt so good to see us together again. He had a great Fathers Day he said.

"Seeing you to together and happy again... is the best Father's Day Gift I could have asked for." I of course cried my butt off... I love my daddy...

Wish us luck at the check up tomorrow!
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Oh my goodness it's so great to see him home and happy again. I'm sure his check-up tomorrow will be just fine.
Holy crap Nessa! He looks so happy!

I'm so happy for the both of you! *tears*

I just have one question...how in the heck did you fit him in your bathtub? haha Uallis no longer fits in ours...he's as long as the tub is...lol :rolleyes:
Awwws! Welcome home Callahan. I'm glad to see he's feeling better.
I'm so glad your handsome boy is back home where he belongs :)
We're both so glad for you all! Callahan looks great and so happy to be back home! Yay!
YAY! Those pictures are the best, Nessa!

He looks like a happy-camper for sure... Your Dad sounds like a big-softie. : )
i am so happy to see him home and feeling better!! he is such a handsome boy! :D
Tee hee... love those photos (#2 is a fav) Glad to see the silly smushy face is doing great.

I love a happy ending
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Yay!!! Welcome home Callahan! It's so great to see you happy and healthy again. I hope your checkup goes smoothly today! :D
Wonderful pictures! He really looks like his old energetic self. Welcome back Callahan!
YO CAL!!!! Welcome home bubba! :D :D I'm so glad you're out in the sun and grass again. And you're mom looks very happy too. You'll get fattened back up in no time...but don't over do it. We don't want a relapse.
So glad his back!
Those are just awesome pics:D
He looks so happy to be back at his house. Good boy, Callahan!
There's the million dollar boy!!! He looks so happy now!!! But, he looks so skinny, now. Good to hear that he's eating.:)
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