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Callahan Needs Prayers Please

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I just wanted to go ahead and post now... Callahan has been sick over the weekend and got terribly worse last night. He is at the Vet right now...

I cant go into details at the moment, I'm very emotional and exhausted... I havent slept but 4-8 hours this whole weekend, staying by my boys side through the night. When I get the update at 4:30 today I will try to give all the details. (I am also very upset and disgusted with the E-Vet answering services and filed a complaint...)

I am not one to ask for help the majority of the time... :( but we need help praying... please pray for my boy.

Take care all,
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You all are in my thoughts and prayers today....stay strong Callahan {{HUGS}}
you and your big boy are in my thoughts. sending lots of good vibes your way ((hugs))
Oh no! My thoughts to you and Callahan :(
Oh, no... You and Callahan are definitely in my thoughts today. Hugs to you!
I know it would do no good to tell you not to worry, I know you can't avoid it :( Please let us know what the vet says, you and your baby are in my thoughts and prayers~~
:( Keeping your family, human and canine, in my prayers...
Oh my goodness.. we will be thinking of you.. hoping for the best Nessa..
many hugs and good vibes being sent from the BC pack....i hope he's ok....
Oh Nessa, I'm so sorry to hear about Callahan.

Good thoughts headed to your end of Texas from me and the boys.
Nessa you got our prayers here. Give Callahan a hug and kiss from all of us.
thinking of you!! ((Hugs))
Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.
I'll be checking for updates. We're thinking of you, Callahan!
Keeping you and Callahan in my thoughts.
Oh noo! I'll be checking in for updates!

You'll and Callahan will be in my thoughts! [[[[[[Hugs]]]]]]]
You and Callahan will be in my thoughts. I'll be checking for updates. ((hugs))
Sending "get well thoughts" from TX.
1 - 20 of 232 Posts
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