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Californian wanting to get a dog

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Hi guys, currently doing some research on what type of breed to get and what to expect as a dog owner. I've been doing some research for the past week or so and I think I've narrowed it down to the Brittany dog. One thing is for sure, I want to get it from a rescue group or shelter. There are enough in the world already, I would prefer one that could use a loving home and good breeders are terribly expensive. I found this forum just searching for tips and what to expect as a dog owner so hopefully I'll be posting a lot more here.

I just figure I'll introduce myself now since the dog is coming for sure (don't know what he or she will look like but I'll love it just the same). But since I'm here, do you think this is a good breed for me? I run a few times per week and if this dog is energetic like I've read, I'd take it to the park to play catch. At home, I'm usually on the computer, tv or cooking so I'd like it to be somewhat calm while I'm doing other activities but also able to come when I call for it. My main concern is I tend to go out a few days of the week for dinner and socializing with friends and sometimes go out on weekends for the day (but I guess I could take a dog now :)). Since I haven't researched enough on this dog yet (going to buy some books), I wanted to know if this is a pretty good fit. This dog isn't rare enough where adopting it will be a problem which was one of the reason why I also started looking into it.
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Hello & welcome to df. Glad to hear you intend to rescue. I haven't seen many Brittany's in my country but good luck in your search.
I don't know enough about brittnays to say one way or the other...I've never seen one in rescue around here - but sometimes less common breeds can be somewhat regional in popularity. I grew up with spaniels (cockers) and I do love the type (though too much grooming and too much energy for me now). Good luck in your search!
Hey from NorCal. There are a good number of Brittanies around here. They sound like a good fit for you from what you say. Good luck finding one. Thanks for thinking about rescues.
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