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Buying Meds online

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Zoey and me went to the vet today to pick up her first batch of Frontline and Heartgard. I got 7 months worth of the Heartgard, but decided on only the first month of Frontline, because I think I will probably be able to find it cheaper online. (If not then I guess I'll go back in a month :eek:) Does anyone know of a good place to buy the meds online? I know to make sure they are "Made in France" and not somewhere else because of the strength of the drugs or something.. Also, if I wanted to buy the heartworm meds online do I need to go back to the vet and get something that says I have a prescription for it, or will the prescription info on the back of the box I have now work?

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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